Yati Systems Construction Site Safety System designed and developed in California USA. It is real-time RFID based System designed and integrated to prevent man-machine accidents on work sites due to poor visibility and blind spots. The system works on  RFID technology and is designed to detect workers on sites and objects in laydown areas which are tagged within set safety zones, which are known as exclusion zones or hazard zones.

Once the active tag in the zone is detected, the system immediately alerts the operator and workers with an alarm alerting them of an intrusion in the hazard zone allowing the operator to take corrective action.

Why Construction Site Safety System

Workers on sites face constant risk from moving equipment. Man-machine incidents are increasing due to reduced projects timeline and increased machine use, and prevailing safety procedures are unable to ensure complete worker safety. Accidents are resulting in loss of lives and site safe is designed to foster a zero accident environment.

  • Increase workers confidence
  • Improves site safety practices
  • Save project downtime due to accidents
  • Prevent loss/damage of equipment
  • Avoid legal litigation and liabilities
  • Safety monitoring to improve operator/worker discipline

How It Works

Construction Site Safety System in California USA based on RFID technology to continuously scan in real time for the RFID tags placed on personnel/objects that come within the predetermined 360 degrees safety zone of the moving equipment.

When an  tag is detected within the predetermined zone, the system sounds an audible alarm and visual warning of the intrusion and allows the equipment operator to take corrective action and reset the system

The system allows for logging of several types of events, most important being intrusion and can accommodate up to 12000 events that can be accessed via handheld devices.


  • Active RFID based control unit and transponder tags
  • Detect intrusions of adjustable distance for 360 degrees
  • High speed active tags with superior anti-collision features
  • USB and Wireless connectivity to Apps
  • Heavy duty industrial grade cameras
  • System control unit with integrated operator response unit.
  • High power antennae for improved filed coverage


  • Bulldozers
  • Earthmoving Equipment( Excavators/ Rollers/Loaders)
  • Container Handlers
  • Haul and Dump Trucks
  • Trucked/Wheeled shovels and loaders
  • Truck wheeled Excavators
  • Mining Excavators