GPS Tracker a cost-optimized GPS Tracking system which can be configured for personnel tracking, vehicle tracking, school bus tracking, and fleet management applications.

IoT Fleet Management Application

Fleet management in business is to ensure the work vehicles of business are operating smoothly, are constantly seeking ways to improve performance are able to operation cost at a minimum.

Fleet management refers to the application tools technologies and practices that help businesses maintain optimal use of their work vehicles from a central platform. Fleet management entails the use of.

  • Database information software
  • Telematics and GPS tracking software

GPS vehicle tracking systems

Yati systems we offer our clients a variety of industry-leading GPS Tracking solutions on the market today. Our GPS vehicle tracking systems have helped thousands of business owners experience dramatic increases in their bottom line profits. Business owners and operators are able to clearly quantify the strengths and weakness of their vehicle fleet and use that information to empower and motivate employees to raise the bar on productivity. With GPS vehicle tracking systems you can easily access detailed vehicle driving history.

GPS Personal Tracking

GPS personal tracking is the ability for any person to locate another person or an object or thing with the use of a device that receives information from the GPS satellite network in space.

GPS tracking system uses a transmitter that sends this data back to the end user. One of the most popular modes of transmitting the data back is using the GPRS through cellular telephone company provider like AT&T or sprint.